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At Aged Care Specialists Victoria, we believe that growing old, a natural process that all human beings experience, should be as graceful and easy as can be. It is inevitable, but it may be a difficult time for your aged loved ones. But as long as you usher them into their senior years with utmost love and care, they can continue to live wonderful lives as aged citizens.

In Australia, the transition to aged care could feel less “natural” with all the financial responsibilities involved. Truly, this financial roadblock is what most families struggle with, especially when they’re doing it on their own. But one session of free aged care financial advice-seeking with our advisors at Aged Care Specialists Victoria will make you realise that having assistance will be of tremendous help.

We know that you aim to fully support your loved one as he or she transitions towards aged care living. The best way to do so is to set up an aged care financial plan that is sustainable for you, your family, and most of all, your senior family member.

Most of the time, the numbers on aged care fees can be overwhelming. For you to be able to tread this rocky path with a clear and objective mind, avail of our aged care financial services. As aged care financial specialists, we provide sound financial advice for aged care placement.


Our Services Include

  • Reducing your income-tested or means-tested care fees

    The government will assess your loved one’s incomes and assets, and from there, they will determine how much financial help you are eligible to receive from the government. Your home care provider will then determine your home care fees based on this. We involve ourselves even at the assessment stage so that you and your family can maximise your opportunities to save money.

  • Exploring all options to maximise your Centrelink or Veterans Pension

    If your senior family member is currently availing or wishes to avail either of these government financial services, we can help you look for ways to either receive a higher amount or manage the existing amount you receive.

  • Explaining the fees, charges, and entry and exit costs

    When reading up on aged care costs for your loved one, the information overload you experience may cause you to feel confused or frustrated. But as experts in aged care finances, we patiently guide you through this process.

  • Looking at options to retain the family home and finance the accommodation costs

    We understand how important your family home is to you, so we do our best effort to help you send your loved one to an aged care facility without having to lose your home. Many families opted to sell their childhood home to cover accommodation fees for aged care, but you don’t necessarily have to do the same. We can explore your options together.

  • Comparing a range of scenarios to work out the most affordable option

    As you and our specialists spend more and more time together, we get to understand each other better: we develop a better picture of your financial situation, and in turn, you get a better grasp of the financial strategies we use to help you.

  • Making all information clear and easy to understand

    You must understand every aspect of this process because you will be making major financial decisions. Also, you do this with love and support for a beloved parent and grandparent, and we understand your eagerness to set up for them the best home care arrangement as possible. We approach every meeting with patience, professionalism, and empathy. We can also arrange phone consultations if you can’t make it to one of our offices

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