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Aged care has so many aspects that it can be overwhelming. While it may be true that you and your family have spent a considerable amount of time preparing for your aged love ones’ transition to a Melbourne aged care facility, the process itself can still be tedious and challenging. However, what most people will tell you is that it this process only becomes so tedious and challenging when you’re doing it on your own – that is, when you do not have a professional by your side.

At Aged Care Specialists Victoria, we are represented by some of the best aged care consultants in Melbourne. With our team by your side, you will feel sufficiently supported throughout this whole endeavour. Yes, the process itself will still challenge you, but if you can turn to reliable consultants for your aged care financial planning, you will be better able to manage all aspects of your loved one’s transition period.


We can guide you through the whole process from:

  • Referring you to a placement service if required

    If you’re looking around for an aged care facility, you may not know where to start. With a plethora of options available, there would just be so much information to go through, so many calls to make or facilities to see in person. Such would be time and energy consuming. However with a placement service, all you need to do is let your placement service provider know your senior’s specific needs and wants, and they’ll be able to match you with the facility that best suits you. We can help you look for a facility through our aged care consultants in Melbourne’s professional networks.

  • Talking to the aged care facility of your choice and discussing the entry fee choices

    As soon as you’ve made a choice, we can discuss with the aged care facility on your behalf. One of the first few things we will take care of is your entry fees. As per our promise to take care of the financial side of things, we will make sure that the entry fee negotiation will be done with your best financial interests in mind.

  • Referring you to someone who can help clear out the house

    As soon as your parent or grandparent moves out, you also need their furniture, belongings, appliances, and other items cleared out. This gives you more freedom and peace of mind to decide as a family what happens to the house.

  • Providing details of a service to help select an agent for the sale of the property

    If you decide to sell the property, we can arrange for an agent to help you out. With an agent to assist you, you can draw up the best price, and what you earn from the sale can help cover your aged care financial obligations.

  • Outlining clear options for funding

    We will explore all of your funding options to get you the best deal there is out there. We will figure out together what type of funding your loved one is eligible for. We will coordinate with the appropriate government agencies while also making sure to involve you in the process.

  • Helping with the Centrelink Forms

    Of course, this process would not go without the necessary paperwork. We will help explain the contents of relevant documents and make sure you are fully informed every step of the way. We will also make sure that your documents are processed efficiently.

  • Organising ongoing investments

    If you have existing financial arrangements with other companies, our aged care consultants in Melbourne can coordinate with them so that we can set up a financial plan that reflects your entire financial history and a full set of obligations.

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