About your Aged care specialist

When you avail of our free aged care financial advice over the phone, the voice you will hear on the other line will be Claudia Rigoni – Brazzale’s. With both personal and professional experience in the aged care industry, Claudia is a passionate ally and advocate for your transition to aged care.

As a financial advisor, aged care specialist, and mother of two, Claudia combines practical problem-solving with warmth, professionalism, and a passion for sharing knowledge. Claudia knows that the transition to aged care is a vital period in the lives of everyone in your family, which is why her approach as a financial advisor strikes a perfect balance between her expertise as a financial expert and her empathy as a person.

As co-founder and Director of Aged Care Specialists Victoria, Claudia takes a big-picture view of aged care. She understands the financial, emotional, and practical difficulties that can often come with relocating to a new home or care facility. To ease this transition, Claudia provides in-depth, personalised advice to help you maximise your finances and reduce stress as you secure a home for this next phase of life.


Claudia Rigoni - Brazzale

Adv Dip FS (Fin. Planning), B App Sci

What can you expect from our aged care consultants in Melbourne?

A thorough, clear picture of the best way to use your finances at this time in your family’s lives.

When you’re looking for the best aged care program in Melbourne, you need to be prepared with a financial plan. No, you don’t have to have millions of dollars on hand in order to afford aged care. What you need is a sound strategy, one that you can sustain throughout the years. That is what we at Aged Care Specialists Victoria are here for. If you want a quick overview of what this plan could look like, avail of our free aged care financial advice via phone call.

A list of options to maximise your financial capacities.

Together, we will explore the many ways you can avail of financial support from different agencies. As we create your financial plan, we will also take into account the existing financial arrangements you have with other agencies. We will also think of ways for you and your family to generate money and maximise what you earn.

Professional guidance as you make important decisions during the process.

When your loved one is transitioning into aged care, they are most likely going to have specifications and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to aged care in Melbourne; different facilities offer many unique features. What your priority is right now, is looking for the facility that your loved one will feel the happiest in. We can help you financially prepare for that.

The best possible setup for your aged loved one.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the love you have for your senior family member. You want to make sure that they are supported, comfortable, and well taken care of as they age. With our services, you can expect that your loved one enjoys the best treatment in the aged care facility you choose.

Work with us today! To set up your free aged care financial advice, call Claudia at 1300 001 225 or send her an email at claudia@agedcsv.com.au.