Why Planning A Move into Aged Care is Important

There is a point where you reach an age and the relationship between child and parent has changed. It very well may be that point in life where it is now your responsibility to start caring for your elderly parents’ needs. It is time to start aged care planning.

There are so many things to consider when making the difficult decision to look into aged care options. Medical needs, financial restrictions, location of care etc. When multiple children are involved, this can also complicate the situation.  It is imperative to have a clear plan to help you make objective and informed decisions.

Actually in most cases when people come to me for help, the planning stage has passed. The parent usually is in hospital needing full time care ASAP. If you are in a position to have these discussions before care is required, that will certainly assist you and your family when the time comes that care is needed.

Where to start planning for aged care?

  • Have a discussion with parents to find out needs and preferences.
  • Involve other siblings if necessary to help work out potential locations.
  • Find out the financial implications of aged care. This is where we fit in, giving you all the options around selling the home vs not selling, ensuring the correct entitlements are in place etc.
  • Have your parents assessed through My Aged Care.
  • Book tours and see as many facilities as you can to determine what kind of facility you and your parents think is right for them.

How do the finances all work for aged care?

This is probably one of the most complicated parts of entering aged care, as there are so many factors and there is no cookie cutter approach. Every aged care home sets their own fees, some offer subsidised places, some do not. We deal with this day in, day out and help you clearly and easily understand all your options. 

Let us guide you through the whole process

Entering aged care especially if you have no experience with it, is a very overwhelming time for all involved. We help you every step of the way- navigating forms, providing options and being a friendly voice at the end of the phone for all your questions. Contact our office today to find out how we can help you and your family. 

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