How to Choose an Aged Care Facility

There are a lot of elements to consider when the time comes to choose an aged care facility for a loved one. Here are a few pointers to help guide you when making a choice.


Often when multiple family members are involved, this is a deciding factor. As a family, think about who will be visiting most often. If the person entering the facility has a partner still in the family home, will they need to be close by to enable more frequent visits? If children live on both sides of the city, do you pick one half way? All these things need to be factored in before you even start tours. The government has a website that can help you get started.


Obviously a big one. The facilities have different fees as they all provide some unique services. You can get a better understanding of the kinds of fees here. At Aged Care Specialist Vic, this is where we can play the biggest role in giving you a clear understanding of your financial options at this stage. We take into account your circumstances and can map out all your option to ensure your loved one will be taken care of financially. We will also ensure you are recieving the maxiumum governement support. You can book by calling us here.


What facilities are you hoping for when choosing an aged care facility? Onsite hairdressing can be very important to one person but not the next. Special dining rooms, restaurant experiences, fish tanks, putt putt courses the list goes on- it certainly pays to look around.


Whilst over the last two covid years, these have been hard, a tour (often unannounced if possible) will give you the most insight into what an aged care facility is really like in their day to day operations. You can see how the residents are- do they seem happy/ cared for/ engaged? Are the staff happy? Is the facility in good order, what do the rooms look like etc.


Good staff members can make all the difference, particularly at this difficult time of life. On a tour, get a feel for the staff, do they look engaged/ happy? Management play a big part in how the staff are feeling, so get a gauge on that too. Many staff in aged care facilities have long tenure, and they do the job because they love it. They know all the residents names and situations, and are with your loved one a lot more than you will be, so ensure you choose an aged care facility that seems to have good team members.

There is no one rule when choosing an aged care facility, you know your loved one best. Seek online reviews, word of mouth recommendations and go with your gut. We can guide you through every step of the way.

If you have any more questions, or would like to know what financial options you have, we can be reached here.

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