Home Care Packages: A Quick Guide


Home Care Packages support people wherever they call “Home”. They are designed to provide care for people within their home environment and keep them in the home instead of moving to full time care. As of 31 December 2022, 255,628 individuals were assigned a home care package. This is more than those currently in aged care homes.


To qualify, participants must undergo an Aged Care Assessment Team assessment (ACAT, or ACAS in Victoria). The assessment is free and typically done at home. You can have a companion with you, and interpreters are available if required.

No age or financial restrictions, it’s based on care needs.


Avoid downplaying needs. The assessment team will generally also suggest other beneficial services.


Delays can occur, so if you are thinking this may be something you or a loved one needs, start putting wheels in motion ASAP. 

Selecting a Provider:

Compare providers; fees vary. Some allow self-management, such as through “Mable”, allowing you to pick local care workers directly.

Available Services:

Ranges from daily tasks to mobility aids and home modifications. The funds can’t cover housing costs or other funded services. Funding varies based on package level, supplements, and fees.


Basic Daily Fee: Everyone pays, based on package level.

Income-Tested Care Fee: Based on income, up to $35/day. Max of $6,341/year for part-pensioners and $12,683/year for self-funded retirees.

As of 20 March 2023, thresholds were $31,140 p.a. for singles and $24,118 for a couple.

You can view the fees here.

Financial Planning

Since only income is assessed, Centrelink-friendly investments can be beneficial. This is where receiving targeted, specialised financial advice can really help. (Contact us here)

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