STRC: All You Need To Know

What is Short Term Restorative Care?

Short Term Restorative Care (or STRC) is where you’re able to access a range of different services and support, for up to eight weeks, twice per 12-month period. Services include things like home maintenance, mobility aids or other equipment, health services such as physiotherapy and podiatry, daily assistance with cooking and cleaning, mental and emotional support, and plenty more.

Who uses STRC?

It’s perfect for those who may have sustained a temporary injury or illness, to get that little bit of support while they recover – or can simply be used if an older person has experienced a decline in health, and would like some extra assistance and health care to recover their independence at home, and avoid going into more permanent care. Short Term Restorative Care is commonly used for someone who is able to remain in their own home, but it can also be used for short-term accommodation in an aged care facility if more intensive care is needed. Or, a combination of the two.

How do I access STRC?

Your first step is to get your needs assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), to get approved for STRC. You’ll also need a doctor’s assessment (generally your own GP) to determine which services you require, and you’ll be assigned at least two other service providers who will manage your care requirements in conjunction with your doctor. It’s all well-coordinated to ensure you get all the services you need,

How much does STRC cost?

If you’re assessed as being able to contribute to the costs of your Short Term Restorative Care, luckily, it’s still very affordable.

The maximum amount you may be asked to pay is:

  • $11.02 per day if you receive care while at home or in the community (17.5% of the single aged pension).
  • $53.56 per day if you receive care while in a residential setting (85% of the single aged pension).

If your ability to meet these costs concerns you, don’t despair! It won’t stop you from receiving the care you require if you’re otherwise deemed eligible. The STRC is not means tested, and your provider may well be able to reduce or waive the fee under certain circumstances.

Maintain your own independence for as long as possible with STRC

At Aged Care Specialists Vic, we understand how important it is to maintain your own independence for as long as possible. To keep you living happily and safely within your own home. Which is why we love being able to demystify aged care, and all of your retirement planning. We know the ‘system’ inside-out and back-to-front and can provide you with every available option to suit your current and future needs, so that you can make informed choices.And there certainly are times in life where you’re not at the stage of needing permanent, full time aged care in Melbourne – yet you might just need that little bit of extra support from time to time, to help secure your independence at home.

Which is where Short Term Restorative Care might just be the perfect solution. The Australian Government has not long-ago boosted funding to this important program with an extra $58 million allocated in the budget last year. So, it’s a really great time to start taking advantage of this scheme. It might just keep you at home for longer, or even get you back home after an injury – with all the extra support that may be available to you. 

Best of all? It’s really quite inexpensive to obtain.

How we can help with your aged care requirements

Whether you’re dealing with a gradual decline in health, or battling an unexpected injury or illness, its not always easy to figure out what support you may be eligible for – nor be in a position to organise it yourself (or on behalf of your loved one). Leaping straight into a permanent aged care facility may not be entirely necessary – when you simply need a little help to get back on your feet, and can remain happily at home.

The team at Aged Care Specialists Victoria is always here to assist you and your family, in any way we can. We help with every detail and we genuinely care about achieving the best outcomes for your situation, both financially and personally.

If you’d like some help to figure out where to start with obtaining some Short Term Restorative Care or any other Aged Care financial planning, book your consultation here.

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