Investing In The Right Advice Upfront Can Save You Thousands

How An Aged Care Financial Specialist Can Guide You Through A Seamless Transition Into Aged Care

When it’s time for a parent or loved one to go into aged care in Melbourne, or if you’re planning for your future yourself, it can be incredibly daunting and stressful. Not only do you have to look after the emotional side of things for all concerned throughout this time of transition – but it can be a real nightmare to figure out the logistical and financial side of aged care too.

Particularly if this is your first time navigating this process.

I often get asked why someone might need additional assistance in the form of someone like myself, who specialises in the financial management of aged care.

After all, you can access plenty of free information from the relevant Government agencies and authorities, right?

And yes, the information is out there, freely available. The problem, however, lies within your ability to interpret this information, accurately, with all the technical jargon and legal complexities involved.

And even when you are able to interpret the regulations and the system to a basic level, can you accurately apply that to your own, unique financial situation (or that of the relative going into care) – in precisely the right way – to produce the best possible financial outcome for you?

Seeking out some specialised, expert advice from someone who knows the system inside out, and back-to-front really can save you from making incredibly costly mistakes.

In fact, we often spend time ‘rescuing’ people who simply haven’t used the system to their advantage – and who have paid far more in fees than they ever should have, over many years.

It’s so not a nice position to be in, finding out down the track, that you could have saved thousands (or even kept the family home!).

It’s and therefore, making an investment upfront, to get the professional advice you need from the start, really can make a massive difference to your long-term financial stability – and will allow you to make the right decisions for you.

So, What Do We Do?

As aged care in Melbourne, we provide sound aged care financial advice placement, so you know where you stand and what decisions you need to make, now and into the future.

This includes:

  • Reducing your income tested or means tested care fees
  • The RAD is refunded once you leave the age care facility. The Government guarantees its return.
  • Exploring all options to maximise your Centrelink / Veterans Pension
  • Explaining the fees, charges and entry and exit costs
  • Looking at options to retain the family home and finance the accommodation costs
  • Comparing a range of scenarios to work out the most affordable option
  • Making all information clear and easy to understand

Our aim is to eliminate as much overwhelm and stress as possible, by guiding you through every step of the process.

This includes:

  • Referring you to a placement service if required
  • Talking to the Aged Care facility of your choice
  • Discussing the entry fee choices
  • Referring you to someone who can help clear out the house
  • Providing details of a service to help select an agent for the sale of the property
  • Outlining clear options for funding
  • Helping with the Centrelink Forms
  • Organising ongoing investments

Phew – that’s a lot to think about and get done! And navigating all of that alone sure can be scary!

A Small Investment Upfront, Ensures You Get It Right, The First Time…

Many people come to me, and then worry about being able to afford the cost of our specialist advice.

When it comes down to it though, acting alone can be fraught with danger.

The wrong decisions can not only cost you far more long-term, but it can also cause immense, unnecessary stress and heartache.

And when it comes to quality care and the safety of both you (or your loved one) AND your family’s financial security, it’s really not something you want to mess around with or attempt to play the guessing game.

Get it right, from the beginning – and we’ll help guide you through a seamless transition into Aged Care with the best possible financial outcomes.

Providing you and your loved ones with peace of mind.

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