The Power Of Choice: Exploring Aged Care Using Respite

Choosing an aged care facility for your loved one can be incredibly daunting. You need to know that your parent or family member will be both happy and well cared for. And while once upon a time that might have seemed like a given – with recent (and quite horrific) reports of aged care facilities providing sub-standard care – it’s natural to be rather concerned about making the right decision.

Which is why it’s good to note that you may well be able to take advantage of what’s called, respite care. It essentially gives you (and your loved one) the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ – and give any particular centre a test run, before committing long term.

What’s more, despite the fact that the decision to settle on an aged care facility might appear to be final and a binding, long-term commitment – I’m happy to say that’s certainly not the case at all.

If you do find yourself in a position where you’re worried about the care your loved one might be receiving in their current accommodation, you can change facilities. And it’s certainly not a difficult process.

So, let’s look at these two aspects of aged care in more detail, as it might just help ease your fears. And remember, if you have any questions at all, please get in touch with us at Aged Care Specialists Victoria.

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care offers a short-term stay in an aged care facility for up to 9 weeks per financial year. It’s funded – which means there is no accommodation charge and no means-tested care fee – you just pay $58.98 per day (June 2023).

This allows both you and your parent the chance to fully experience a facility to see if it’s somewhere you might like to choose on a more permanent basis. Your parent can try out the food, the care, their surroundings and the activities – and get to know the staff and other residents, to see how they like everything. And you can get a feel for how well they may get looked after.

(It also gives you a little break from being their primary carer.)

Once the short-term stay is over, you can then make a far more educated and comfortable decision as to whether the centre is right for you and your loved one.

Longer-Term Care Isn’t Permanent

Many relatives fall into the trap of believing that any aged care Melbourne facility they choose is permanent. That once they place their elderly parent or relative to care, they are committed to that centre, forever.

Yet, this is simply not the case.

You can move facilities at any time at all, for any reason at all. In fact, you don’t even need a reason.

All aged care providers are obligated to refund your entire accommodation deposit within 14 days from leaving a facility, with most refunds being provided the day you leave. If the facility delays this refund for any reason, you’re also entitled to have them pay interest on your bond amount for each day after you (or you loved one) leave.

Knowing this gives you the power of choice and eases the burden on your decision. Yes, it’s important to make the best decision you can when it comes to the right aged care facility as moving an elderly parent around constantly isn’t ideal. Yet, if your parent or relative just isn’t happy, or you have concerns about their care – you can move them somewhere else if you ever feel the need.

Unsure if Respite is the Answer? Getting Support Is The Best Way Forward

There are so many questions and so many complexities when attempting to find the right aged care facilities for your loved one. And it’s a time that can be incredibly distressing trying to juggle the practicalities and arrangements, along with everyone’s emotions too.

Which is why we help you to make the transition to aged care  seamless as possible, by our aged care consultants in Melbourne.

Having that expert support, with someone you can trust to guide you through the process, can really help ease a lot of the worry and stress.

Aged Care Financial Advice In Melbourne

If you’ve begun the search for an aged care facility in or around Melbourne, we’d love to see how we can help. We can provide you with all the specialist aged care financial advice that you need, to make the right choices up front.

Simply contact us today for your free, no-obligation telephone consultation.

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